Modern platformer with classic style


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In Wootman, a very fun platformer unabashedly inspired by the classic Sega Genesis Mega Man games, you play a small pixelated character who goes on an adventure to stop the villain of the day.

The most entertaining thing about the game is its co-op mode where you play a friend on the same computer, although you can also play solo for an equally fun and even more difficult experience.

Because just like in the Mega Man games from previous generations the level of difficulty is quite high. Each and every level will challenge your abilities, and if you're not fast on the keyboard you're bound to end up repeating the same phase over and over again.

Wootman is a very fun title that it wouldn't be strange to see in the XboxLive store or App Store and costing a few dollars. Take advantage of this free version for PC and get it now. You won't regret it.
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